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My Instagram Roundup

1 Aug

Oh Instagram, our dirty love affair. How addicted I am to you!

I wanted to put together a collection of my favorite Instagram photos I’ve taken and share with you! Enjoy!

You can search me on Instagram, my name  is “alannaiscool”


The Ghost Who Haunts My Dreams

23 May

Yayy I did a new photo shoot on my new camera! My friend Megan came over to my apartment to shoot around my neighborhood. She’s amazing, incredibly sexy and gorgeous and an awesome person. I’m very happy about them! I put it in my head, I even said out loud to her, that I’m not going to get caught up on trying to be perfect, I’m just going to shoot and not over plan! I say it worked, my creativity finally reined free. I hope you like them! 🙂

Beautiful Faces

5 May

My favorite photos tend to be faces. Sharing some of them from previous shoots, which is a pretty good recap of what I’ve shot this year……

Plowing forward

29 Apr

Yesterday I received a new camera, which was a god send. My old camera was 10 years old and allowed me only to shoot for an hour. Now I can shoot models for hours on end, travel with them and not have to worry about looking like a chump when my camera dies. I plan to take full advantage, which is why I’m starting this blog – to push myself to produce a new project once a week and post it, and watch this grow.

I also moved into a new apartment recently and it’s amazing, creative and so inspiring – another reason I’m starting this blog – decor photos, how-to’s and recipes.

Modeling is my job and I love it and I’m good at it. But it’s not what I am, despite the blog name. There are thousands of photos of me out there but there’s nothing I love more than taking photos, so I won’t be posting so much about my own modeling exploits. I am however very fortunate to live the life I lead and I do love it, so I will be posting about it. I am a girl just like any other, I like cooking and dressing cute and art projects, plus a photographer to boot – so TA-DA!! That’s what this blog is all about 🙂 Welcome to my little world.

Here’s one of the last photo shoots I did on my old camera. LA models sent me 2 new faces for the first time – Davia & Kamerra. The story didn’t come out as clear as I wanted and I’m nervous sending them in, but I think there are a few gems in there…