About Me

Actually a model, not really a housewife. Although I feel like one! I’m a 22 year old full-time model and fashion photographer, who has the time on her hands to cook, craft and decorate – and of course take pictures of it all.

I am embarking on a new life as a vegan, and I have experienced the amazing benefits of the lifestyle. Eating whole, nutritious foods from the earth has left me feeling energized and pure. My diet consists of fruits, vegetables, legumes and sprouted grains, and the infinite ways to combine them into wonderfully delicious meals. I am never hungry or unsatisfied, my health is optimal and my weight-loss efforts are supported.

I am also a true believer in the benefits of working out regularly! Of course I get off my cycle every now and then, I work out at home to the Insanity and P90x workouts. I supplement my workouts with a little protein powders and beans with lots of protein. Working out strangely keeps me positive and excited about life, there’s nothing like that mood boost after a good workout.

Healthy habits in the kitchen and gym have trickled into other aspects of my life, and I am constantly on the search for anything inspiring, enlightening and empowering. But most importantly, I live for each moment, because when you focus on exactly this moment right now you feel the inner warmth of happiness coming from your soul and you realize how much of a gift life is. Nothing is “wrong” in this moment and that’s really all that matters.

Aside from my health habits, I am a fashion photographer, still working on the food photography. Modeling keeps me busy so photography gets pushed to the side, but it is my future career and something I work on all the time. I’d love to share my images with you.

I live in the heart of Los Angeles’ hustle and bustle and my life is as such. I live with my boyfriend of 8 years and our feisty little orange kitten. Fortunately, LA is a mecca for vegan food and I will share all my finds with you! I hope you enjoy my blog, I enjoy writing it.

me on a hike in s. korea


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