A little change goes a long way

13 Jul

Hey there,

So recently I’ve slowly been making the switch from vegetarian to vegan! I’ve even been throwing some completely RAW meals in there too. And I’ve got to tell you, I’ve NEVER felt better!! For the first time in 5 years I don’t feel like I need my morning cup of coffee, I’m THAT energized! My body feels pure and my mind feels clear.

So I am raising my glass to not only a great new me, but great new changes to this blog! I’m revamping it to not just be about veganism, but holistic living and health, while keeping my art and fashion in the mix! (*clink glass*)

So to officially mark the occasion, today is the first day of a juice cleanse/fast I am embarking on! Well, let me revise that, I am playing with the rules a bit, just to ease myself into it. Today I had breakfast (I’ll share the recipe soon), but for the rest of the day will be just fresh juices! Eventually I’ll do a complete 7 day juice fast, but for now I just want to try it out a couple times. I’m hoping it will kick-start my weight loss efforts, as well as get rid of nasty toxins hiding in my body. I’ll update this tonight to tell all about how my day of juice fasting went!


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