Sunday shopping in Los Angeles

19 May

The past few Sundays my man and I have set out to a few different popular spots to shop to see for ourselves what all the Yelpers have been talking about. Some were a waste, some were goldmines. But for certain, Sunday is the best day to be in LA! Here’s some tips if you ever find yourself here in the city and want to mix with the locals for some good ole’ LA shoppin.

Melrose Trading Post (At Fairfax High, corner of Melrose and Fairfax)

The mecca of the young and hip, the odd and the whimsical. With a $2 entry fee you get to walk around a large parking lot and browse through vender after vender of vintage furniture, distressed vintage clothes, old cameras, miscellaneous knick-knacks and accessories. Maybe you’ll spot a celebrity picking out some ceramic dishware while you munch on a delicious crepe in the food court.

Sometimes I walk away with nothing, usually because I don’t spend much time really digging, I’ll just enjoy the atmosphere. But I have come away with some good finds on occasion, like a beautiful vintage sweater and shirts, and my boyfriend has found some tanks, jewelry and books he took home. Remember to bring your haggling skills!

It runs from 9-4 every Sunday. They have a free parking lot in the back. It’s right in the middle of the Melrose shopping district which is fun. It’s a great Sunday pit-stop or day trip.




JetRag (on La Brea Ave)

I’ve heard countless times to go to JetRag on Sundays for their $1 sale. I finally ventured that way and found piles and piles of clothes in front of the store and people digging through to find some treasures. My boyfriend went inside while I took a closer look at the piles. Most of the pieces were torn, smelly and over size 16. I didn’t get the allure of this place, I guess you have to have some imagination for creating things. Inside was very vintage, like ugly dresses my conservative aunt would wear in the 80’s. It wasn’t my cup of tea.

Hollywood Farmers Market (Selma Ave in Hollywood)

This is a great farmers market for locals to pick up some produce. I say great because of variety, the vendors made up what you’d see the produce section of a grocery store, there was pretty much everything there. The downside was how extremely packed it was, and the vendors didn’t seem to offer better prices than a Trader Joe’s would. Some of the vendors had organic produce and all of them were local, so that’s a plus. But I wouldn’t make this a regular shopping trip because I think I’d spend less at a grocery store all together. It is a fun trip and they do have a really good food section where we got a whole coconut to drink and some Greek food. They also have a section for fresh flowers and a few vendors sell jams and fresh bread.



Rose Bowl Flee Market (At the Rose Bowl in Pasadena)

This was basically the Melrose Trading Post on crack. It was huge. I wish I took pictures, but if you want to imagine just multiply the photos at the beginning of this post x40. They had antique and vintage sections, furniture, clothes, accessories, food, pretty much everything. I came home with a pair of vintage Levi’s high-waist jeans that were made into shorts, a cute tank top, sunglasses and a great picture frame, and I haggled my little butt off too. We came at the perfect time, an hour before closing time at 3pm, we hit all the vendors as they are trying to get rid of their stuff and even packing up. An hour or two was all we needed there to look through what we wanted and pick out some stuff. The cheaper stuff is way in the back along the edges across the bridge. There is where the local people who bring their own finds and custom stuff for cheaper, not the traveling flee market vendors in the big tents who do this for a living. It was a great Sunday spent!

So get out there you LA folk on Sunday and SHOP!!


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