Plowing forward

29 Apr

Yesterday I received a new camera, which was a god send. My old camera was 10 years old and allowed me only to shoot for an hour. Now I can shoot models for hours on end, travel with them and not have to worry about looking like a chump when my camera dies. I plan to take full advantage, which is why I’m starting this blog – to push myself to produce a new project once a week and post it, and watch this grow.

I also moved into a new apartment recently and it’s amazing, creative and so inspiring – another reason I’m starting this blog – decor photos, how-to’s and recipes.

Modeling is my job and I love it and I’m good at it. But it’s not what I am, despite the blog name. There are thousands of photos of me out there but there’s nothing I love more than taking photos, so I won’t be posting so much about my own modeling exploits. I am however very fortunate to live the life I lead and I do love it, so I will be posting about it. I am a girl just like any other, I like cooking and dressing cute and art projects, plus a photographer to boot – so TA-DA!! That’s what this blog is all about 🙂 Welcome to my little world.

Here’s one of the last photo shoots I did on my old camera. LA models sent me 2 new faces for the first time – Davia & Kamerra. The story didn’t come out as clear as I wanted and I’m nervous sending them in, but I think there are a few gems in there…


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